Creating the ideal Cheese Platter

Keep it simple - this is the advice from our suppliers The Blue Cow Cheese Company who wrote this guide to creating an ideal Cheese Platter.

We recommend – Fresh (ie Cherve), Surface Ripened (ie Brie, Camembert styles), Washed Rinds (ie Epoisses), Semi Hard (ie Comte, Gouda), Hard (ie Cheddar, Parmesan) and Blue (ie Stilton, Roquefort)

The most important thing to do is to take your cheese out of the fridge, place your cheese on a nice platter or wooden board, cover with a damp tea towel and leave it for two to three hours.

This enables the cheese to come to room temperature without drying out.

Serve with a choice of fresh baguette, water thins, fruit paste or seasonal fruit and of course your favourite wines.

This blog is courtesy of our suppliers and reproduced with permission from Blue Cow Cheese Company

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