Halloween Hall of Fame – winners announced

Spooky, creative and colourful pictures decorated our new windows last week giving staff and customers a reason to smile and get excited about Halloween.

Kids from all over Scarborough coloured in and decorated our 'Pumpkin' and we are very grateful for all your efforts.

The winners have collected their vouchers, and were as follows:

Aqua Samuels won 1st place and a $30 store voucher for the Cobwebbed Creation 🙂

Jordon Negus won 2nd place and a $20 voucher for his googly eyed halloween creatures!

Luca Marchesani was our 3rd place winner and received a $10 voucher for a glittery, colourful pumpkin!

Thank you to all our Brighton Road families who took the time to 'Brighton' up our store! Until next year 🙂

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