Healthy and Nutritious Superhero Mango Popsicles

Our friend and health expert Claire Preen has provided a range of nutritional, simple recipes we cannot wait to share with you!

For super mums (and those that are not so super too!) here is a fantastical (real word!) easy and healthy recipe that will keep those little darlings happy, nutritiously full and, possibly more importantly, quiet! (for a short while anyway) It’s quick and easy so why not give it a go?

Video to see how they are made is available here:

About Claire Preen

Claire is an award winning food writer, chef and has appeared on numerous tv shows as a food expert. She has studied nutritional health extensively and focuses all her recipes on healthy nutritional eating. As a mother she realises how hard it can be keeping a healthy diet and juggling a family’s wants which is why all her healthy recipes are designed to be family friendly.

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