Enjoy life’s simple pleasures from a wholesome range of raw treats to something luxurious, decadent and nourishing. Our product range includes nutrient rich raw superfoods as well as something for that very special occasion…or.,. just because you felt like it!

Get bite sized treats, delicious flavours, a tantalising selection of chocolate, hazelnut, caramel and much more. Try our gourmet biscuits including gluten free cookies, slices and cakes – many handcrafted using only high quality wholesome ingredients.
Enjoy with takeaway coffee, or order for important occasions.

Enjoy our take away coffee in scarborough today as your morning pick me up or simply whenever you feel like it. We love knowing our customers on a first name basis as well as memorising their orders.

So come down and grab your take away coffee at the Brighton Road Food Market in Scarborough today, and brighten your day, we are as local as you!

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