Delicatessen – Brighton Road dips, heat and eat meals, fine salads, tuna/chicken patties, savoury quiches – your menu starts here. Sample our Italian heritage pasta flavours cooked to modern styles using the best ingredients for a unique and exciting selection, some home made without eggs or different types of flour. Our range is ideal to produce diverse menus for family or friends.

Try our premium quality appetisers for home or the office, picnics, special occasions or parties. Savoury, vegetarian and in family sizes as well. Or for something on the run, try our lines of special finger food, or skip to our fresh, delicious and healthy prepared meal range – the closest you will get a to a home cooked meal! Ready to eat, consistently good.

Add flavour to your mains with our selection of gourmet sauces from pesto to mayonnaise, from mustards to chilli, from chutney to dips. And if that isn’t enough, we stock exquisite handmade quiches, tarts, pies and cakes, made with only the highest quality ingredients.

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