Fresh Flowers

Brighten your day or somebody special with our beautifully gift wrapped fresh cut flowers and potted plants. Our flowers are purchased growers direct to ensure the freshest bunches in Perth. For more information, or help in selecting the perfect flowers in our flower market Perth just ask one of our friendly staff behind the counter.

Brightening someone's day with the freshest flowers and most beautiful bouquets in town is how Brighton Road becomes the freshest flower market in Perth. We source all our flowers and plants growers direct, to ensure maximum quality and life-span. Whether it's for a loved one, a friend, with congratulations or with sympathy, even if it's a random gesture of kindness, Brighton Road are your one-stop market shop for a fresh bunch of colourful, bright flowers in Perth's North coast.

All you have to do is walk in and choose which fresh bunch or potted plant is the perfect arrangement for your unique occasion. We stock everything from small potted plants in our beautifully equipped flower market in Perth with spectacular colours to extravagant bouquets that stand tall and vivid in any room of the house.

Located just inside the entrance of Brighton Road - You won't be able to miss the colourful array of flowers and plants in our freshest flower market in Perth. Just ask one of the friendly staff behind the counter if you need any assistance.

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